Planning a Fundraiser?

Please click “Contact Us” in the upper right-hand corner should you wish to plan a fundraiser. Ribbons of Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All of us are “unpaid professional volunteers” as we assist women with breast cancer and their families within Ventura County. While all funds donated are tax deductable, this is not the primary reason our fundraisers put their time, energy and money into raising funds for us. They do it for the love of the women and their families in our community.

Some Thoughtful Fundraising Ideas

Here are some ways our community has come together through their fundraising actions.
Bake Sales~~Golf Tournament~~T-Shirt and Hat sales~~Bowling Tournament~~Scrapbooking Parties~~Sports Events such as women’s high school or college basketball and softball teams~~employee deductions~~local company promotions~~suggested donations when celebrating birthdays and graduations, and more!

Where The Money Goes?

Funds raised are used in three ways:

1) To work our mission by serving women with breast cancer and their families while empowering them to network and become their own health advocates;

2) To educate our community about breast cancer.

3) To achieve our vision by continuing our grassroots Breast Cancer Resource Center. This center will not be affiliated with any one hospital or organization in Ventura County, but will provide a place where women can go and meet other surivor-thrivers who can assist them with their immediate needs. Whether it be resource referrals, checking out a book or meeting, RoL has the freedom to decide what can immediately be done to address a woman’s challenges and concerns.