Come as You Are” Breast Fests – 2nd Saturday of each month
Mimi’s Cafe, in the beautiful Lodge Room! 3375 E Main St, Ventura, CA read more…

Celebrating Lives Of Cancer Survivors (C.L.O.C.S.)
When you join us at our monthly Breast Fests (see above), you will note that some of our local businesses have kindly donated monthly services to the C.L.O.C.S. program such as a haircut and style, a facial, manicure, massage, spray tan, and other gifts to help pamper women with cancer. read more…


Care Bag Project
We need fabric cutters and sewers to help make RoL Care Bags for women in Ventura County who are preparing for surgery and other treatment. We need to produce enough bags to service as many women in Ventura County as possible. We also need the help of local vendors to fill these bags with heartwarming items that will provide women with inspiration, pampering, humor, love and more as they go through their journey with breast cancer.

Photo Quilt

From Ventura to Santa Paula, from Oxnard to Camarillo, at cancer walks, in classrooms, and at special events, this quilt gets around! Our Ribbons of Life PHOTO QUILT project is built from the heart of our organization. read more….

Knitting in Recovery
Join professional knitting instructor Lise Solvang as she teaches you how to knit care squares and more! Survivors/thrivers who take up knitting are finding it helps fill relax them and gives them a project to work on while in waiting rooms and on long drives or while sitting at home recovering. Watch the RoL calendar of events for the next session that meets on specific Saturday mornings. Coffee and food is also served at no charge.

Breast Cancer Library
The Cindy Dickson Breast Cancer Library is the first public breast cancer library in Ventura County. Initiated in February, 2006 this library was started to help those with living with breast cancer, other cancers as well as their caregivers, family members, and friends who wish to be better informed so that a better quality of life can result. read more…

The Ribbons of Life Breast Cancer Scholarship is a “living” scholarship available to those living through breast cancer. Applications can be downloaded from the Projects heading “scholarship application”. This is the FIRST academic scholarship IN THE NATION that encourages women with breast cancer to further their education. It benefits those who wish to improve their quality of life by focusing on learning new skills to help them, their families, and their community for the rest of their lives. read more…